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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Training Courses

Using our highly respected training team with experience drawn from the UK government and security agencies, military, special forces, police, the National Crime Agency and the commercial sector, we deliver high quality and practical based training.

We have helped clients upskill their teams and to build greater capacity and capabilities in over 50 countries on four continents, and to meet the specific needs of many of our clients we have designed bespoke training.

Bringing the operational experience to the training environment adds significant value to the learning experience. Our trainers know the difficulties, constraints and pressures of working in the field and use real examples to enrich the training.

Our training approach

Our training style is heavily biased towards practical learning with exercises specifically written for the audience and their working environment. We use a combination of facilitated classroom discussion, case studies, scenario based practical exercises and hands on practical application of the theoretical input.  The key learning process will follow the tested Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, and Practice model (EDIP). 


Due to the bespoke nature of our training we need to have a clear understanding of your needs before we can provide a costed proposal. To discuss your requirements and receive detailed proposal please contact us at  

We are not running courses on which individuals can enrol at the moment.

We do welcome enquiries from organisations who wish to up-skill their personnel, please get in touch using our contact form.