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Countering Corporate Espionage Training

Corporate espionage includes theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, tender and contract negotiation material, theft of financial information, targeted corruption, and attempts to lure personnel into compromising situations for blackmail purposes.

Theft or misappropriation of trade secrets can go undetected, and the commercial costs to an organisation associated with incidence of industrial espionage can be significant and long term. Some estimates put the annual cost of corporate espionage at over a US$1 trillion.

A high-profile example is the theft of research and manufacturing data relating to drugs under development by a well-known drugs manufacturer. Recently Apple Inc. discovered an employee trying to steal thousands of files including schematics, diagrams and technical manuals.

In South Korea police recently arrested 77 people involved in 35 cases of suspected corporate espionage. Eight cases were related to the leak of technology secrets to China and other countries.

We have worked with our clients to raise awareness within their organisations of the risks of corporate espionage. 

We provide two tiers of training:

Corporate espionage – a “Lunch and learn” introductory workshop

This short “lunch and learn” workshop provides an introduction to corporate espionage and the key methodologies used by competitors and hostile states to steal trade secrets. The workshop will last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Corporate espionage – A one-day interactive workshop

The workshop will raise awareness of personnel to the risks of corporate espionage. 

High Level Learning Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Raise security awareness
  • Provide an understanding of the threats of industrial espionage
  • Provide an understanding of the methodologies that may be deployed by foreign intelligence services and hostile competitors
  • Provide an understanding of the measures that can be taken to reduce risk