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Our Futurum Consultancy and Training Team

Futurum Consultancy and Training has been established by our executive team who are passionate about delivering a discreet, high quality, professional and consistent service. Our aim is to enable clients to enhance their operational capability and protect their valuable assets.

Our Specialists

We have a wide range of experts with vast experience covering a wide array of skills.

Meet our specialists

Executive Team

Ashley Croft
Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Croft

Ashley has had over 30 years of working internationally as a senior UK police officer in the areas of intelligence, covert operations and financial crime.

Ashley has served as an accredited Senior Investigating Officer responsible for leading homicide, serious, organised and complex crime investigations. He has also served as a Covert Law Enforcement Manager with substantial experience establishing and running intelligence and covert units.

As well as delivering specialist training and consultancy Ashley’s skills span managing and leading strategic change projects. He holds an MBA from the world-renowned Henley Management College.

Using his experience, Ashley enjoys helping organisations protect their assets and enhancing their capacity and operational capabilities.

James Ellender
Director - Asia Pacific

James Ellender

James heads up our Asia Pacific office and has worked in the risk, intelligence and the security industry since 2000, initially spending 12 years in law enforcement as a specialist detective in a UK police force. He is highly experienced in developing covert and conventional investigation tactics, leading complex investigations and in the design and delivery of training courses.

He has honed his skills observing and assessing behaviours displayed by persons when they are under an elevation of stress. He regularly delivers training and speaking engagements in the areas of behavioural detection, interviewing techniques exploring the behavioural science of interviewees, and developing intelligence and investigation strategies for organisations.

James helps develop others in making clear critical decisions during times of elevated stress, he draws on his experience after making hundreds of decisions under time sensitive pressures with limited information or intelligence whilst as a covert manager on surveillance and undercover operations.

Rachel Carson
Analytical Development Director

Rachel Carson

Rachel is a highly regarded specialist in intelligence and criminal analysis and is a regular presenter on behalf of the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA). She has worked as a practitioner, leader, trainer and consultant within both law enforcement and government agencies in the UK and abroad.

As well as delivering exemplary training and consultancy services, Rachel’s skills span a wealth of analytical techniques and the use of specialist tools utilised within policing and security. Rachel’s priority is helping clients understand the significant value that analysis can add to decisions, operational tactics and outcomes.

David Conceicao
Head of Australasia & Pacific Office

David Conceicao

David is the head of our Australasia and Pacific office and has operated in the security intelligence and law enforcement field for over 13 years in both the government and private sector. He was the former Director of National Intelligence and has served with some of Australia’s most prominent agencies in addressing the threat of transnational serious and organised crime, money laundering and terrorism.

He is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional leader who is able to bring the clarity, vision and depth needed to deliver unique solutions to a diverse range of client security challenges and problems. He has extensive experience working with diverse cultures across the globe with specific expertise operating in Asia.

David’s skills span the depth of investigations and covert intelligence collection techniques utilised within policing and security. He is recognised for creating and operationalising multidisciplinary teams to address emergent security threats and risks. He is adept at converting his skills developed from government and applying these to support corporate level vision and strategy that offer long term solutions to clients.

David’s passion includes understanding human behavioural motivations and tendencies, as well as having a keen interest in preventing the illegal trafficking of humans for worker exploitation.

Craig Marshall
Senior Consultant

Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2019 having completed over 30 years of service. In 2007 he was posted to the Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) and spent ten of his last twelve years of service within CT Policing.

Within CT policing he has held a number of roles including leading investigations as an accredited CT Senior Investigating Officer both in the UK and across the globe. He has been strategic lead for the UK Counter Terrorism network for the delivery of Surveillance, Forensics and Digital Investigations.

He has been deployed internationally on a broad range of issues. He was deployed as a CT advisor to the 2018 Commonwealth Games to support the Australian Federal Police. He has worked on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office deploying to South Asia to undertake a capacity review and training needs analysis of local law enforcement agencies. As an accredited Senior Identification Manager (SIM) he was deployed to Sri Lanka in 2019 to lead the UK policing response in conjunction with local agencies.

In April 2016 he was seconded to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary as an associate inspector where he assisted in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of seven police forces across the UK,

Craig is a graduate of the FBI Leadership Academy, Quantico, USA and is now a senior policing advisor and currently supports a wide range of organisations on strategic issues, Counter Terrorism and security issues.

Specialist Skills

  • Senior Investigating Officer
  • Strategic Management of Complex Cases
  • Inspection and Review
  • Counter Terrorism Policing
  • Critical Incident management
  • Partnership and multi-agency working
  • Covert policing tactics and strategy
  • Combatting Serious and Organised Crime

Alan Orlob
Senior Consultant - Counter Terrorism

Alan Orlob

Alan is a highly respected consultant in the areas of crisis management, travel security and how companies identified as "soft targets" can protect themselves. He is currently the lead instructor for the U.S. State Department’s Senior Crisis Management Seminar (SCMS) as part of their anti-terrorism assistance program.

Alan recently retired as the Vice President of Global Safety and Security for Marriott International where he served for 35 years. In 2009, Alan was a guest in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia when the hotel, along with the JW Marriott hotel, was attacked by terrorists. Alan led the crisis management efforts, ensuring an effective recovery.

Tom Everard
Special Advisor - Global Operations

Tom Everard

Tom is a former British Diplomat who specialised in intelligence and security. He had postings in the Middle East and has also lived in the Far East and in Africa.

Much of his government career was focused on Counter Terrorism operations. From his work with British and foreign intelligence agencies Tom brings valuable international experience to the team.