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Futurum Consultancy & Training

Who we are

Specialist Training and Consultancy Providers to Government and the Corporate Sector

Established in 2014 Futurum Consultancy and Training is a UK and Hong Kong based company that provides discreet and highly specialised training and consultancy to law enforcement, government agencies and the corporate sector internationally.

To date we have supported clients in over 50 countries on four continents, and are looking forward to building on this client base.

We have expertise in the fields of intelligence and covert tradecraft, intelligence analysis, social media security and threat prevention, covert elicitation techniques and counter corporate espionage. 

At the heart of our working philosophy is absolute confidentiality, trust and reliability. Services to our clients are tailored to their individual requirements, with a built-in flexibility in our provision should those requirements evolve.

Futurum will work with you to develop bespoke, focused and specialised training to meet your organisational requirements.

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Our London office serves the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Our teams offer specialist training and advisory services supporting organisations build their capacity and capabilities.

We offer a range of services across the intelligence and covert operations to law enforcement, the military and government organisations.

For the corporate sector we provide training to reduce risks from cyber enabled attacks and corporate espionage, through to critical incident/crisis management.

Our leadership development programme is suitable for both the public and corporate sector and is designed to provide a pathway for personnel who are new to the management role through middle management to senior executive roles.


Serving our clients in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

London Office

Hong Kong

Serving our clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Hong Kong Office


Serving our clients in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and adjacent islands.

Australasia Office


فيتشروم للاستشارات والتدريب

تقدم فيتشروم للاستشارات والتدريب الخدمة المتخصصة للجهات التي تخدم في قطاعات مساندة القانون والعسكرية والأمن.

فيتشروم والتي مقرها في بريطانيا تقدم خدمات احترافية عالية المستوى وخدمات استشارات وتدريب متخصصة على المستوى العالمي. كل من مستشارينا وشركائنا من ذوي القدرات العالية ويعتبر كل منهم خبيراً محترماً في مجاله. تسندهم جميعهم سنوات من الخبرة في الشرطة والقوات المسلحة ووكالة مكافحة الجريمة في بريطانيا.


Consultoría y Formación Futurum es una compañía basada en el Reino Unido que les proporciona una formación y consultoría discreta y altamente especializada a las organizaciones interesadas en hacer cumplir la ley, a las agencias gubernamentales y al sector comercial mundialmente.

Nuestras experiencias laborales de servicios incluyen las siguientes áreas:

  • Operaciones Encubiertas y Apoyo Técnico
  • Formación de Analistas y Formación de Inteligencia
  • Formación Investigadora
  • Investigación de Delitos Financieros, Soborno y Corrupción


Futurum Consultancy and Training é uma empresa do Reino Unido que oferece serviços de consultoria  e formação de elevada qualidade, de uma forma discreta e professional a agências da autoridade, organismos governamentais e a diferentes áreas do setor comercial.

O nosso portfolio de serviços inclui as seguintes áreas:

  • Operações Secretas e Apoio Técnico
  • Formação em Inteligência e Respectiva Análise
  • Formação em Investigação
  • Crime Financeiro, Suborno e Corrupção