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i2 Analyst Notebook Training

Futurum are delighted to be able to offer i2 Analyst Notebook (ANB) training courses to candidates who are looking to improve their use of this particular tool in whichever analytical role in which the candidate resides.

We are not running courses on which individuals can enrol at the moment.

We do welcome enquiries from organisations who wish to up-skill their personnel, please get in touch using our contact form.

The i2 Analyst Notebook training falls under the category of our intelligence analyst training courses but are taught as separate courses, due to the sheer volume of material that it is necessary to cover. The course is particularly relevant to those individuals who work in law enforcement, national security but is also a fantastic resource for those who work in customer intelligence and research. We are able to deliver both basic and advanced levels of the i2 Analyst Notebook course with each course taking about a week to complete. 


Basic i2 Analyst Notebook Training

This course is ideal for individuals who have not yet been exposed or who have very little exposure to the i2 Analyst Notebook. We will go over the core functions of the software and walk students through some of the more basic capabilities of the program. Some of the main objectives of the basic course include:

  • Understanding the rules, behaviours, and basic terminology
  • Using entities, links, and attributes to create association and temporal charts
  • Link Analysis which helps to identify how entities are connected
  • Flow analysis
  • Understanding of the various layouts and charting standards tat can be used to present and efficiently compare data
  • Understanding the search and find functions on a chart
  • Understanding of the various importing and exporting options available

The Introduction to i2 Analyst’s Notebook course provides students with the fundamental skills to successfully create and visualise association charts and sequence of events charts. Students will gain a full understanding of the entity relationship model upon which i2 ANB is built, create their own charts manually and by developing simple import specifications, search for and find elements within their charts and learn how to visualise their data in the most impactive way. By the end of the course, students will be able to create charts which are suitable for briefing and decision making purposes.

Our goal is for you to be, at the end of this course, far more confident and proficient at using this tool as when you first began. We want to be able to give you skills which are easily transferable into your workplace environment, allowing you to practice these new skills and master them. 

Advanced i2 Analyst Notebook Training

This course is aimed at individuals who have either completed the above basic course or who have been using the i2 Analyst Notebook for some time in a professional capacity. Candidates in the latter category find this course useful as a refresher to skills they currently possess but also find this course useful for highlighting gaps in their knowledge which could, potentially, make their jobs easier or more efficient. This course will cover:

  • Refresher of the core concepts covered in the basic course
  • How to apply a complex find path, find clusters, find linked and find connected network searches
  • Usage of a heat matrix to drill further into data
  • Understanding of the bar charts and histograms function
  • Application of social network analysis which aids in analysing the strength of connections within networks
  • Understanding of the sorting and selection of data for use in new charts for interrogation.
  • Use of conditional formatting, either using existing or creating new specifications
  • Advanced importing techniques using import specifications
  • Modification of data using column actions
  • How to decide upon which analytical chart to use to best represent and analyse your data
  • Advanced publishing functions including legends, cover sheets and print set-up

This Advanced i2 Analyst’s Notebook course focusses on the tool’s analytical capabilities. This includes but is not limited to being able to query data in a chart using Bar Charts and Histograms to reveal previously unknown information, Social Network Analysis to identify the key roles within a network and finding patterns and paths in transaction data. By the end of the course, students will be able to answer analytical questions about their data using the numerous features within i2 ANB to inform decisions.

We would be more than happy to discuss your, or your organisations, specific requirements. Get in touch with us today. 

i2 Analyst Notebook Training

Virtual Training

Like all organisations Covid-19 has required us to look for more innovative ways of delivering training. We are pleased to say we have now developed virtual basic and advanced i2 Analyst Notebook training courses and the results have been better than we envisaged.

If you are interested in exploring this for your teams please get in touch.