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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Helping to Shape Future Leaders

Futurum’s leadership development programme equips delegates working in leadership roles with the knowledge and skills to explore their full potential and learn to lead with confidence.

Our training serves new-to-role supervisors through to senior executives charged with leading organisations. We also provide modules on team building and the management of strategic change.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the USA

We are not running courses on which individuals can enrol at the moment.

We do welcome enquiries from organisations who wish to up-skill their personnel, please get in touch using our contact form.

Leadership Training

The leadership pathway comprises three modules that provide flexibility in approach and cost.

Module 1 – Introduction to Leadership (online)
Introduces leadership and is delivered online over one day.

Module 2 – Introduction to Leadership (in person)
This two-day course covers the topics from module one and is delivered in person making it interactive. Table-top syndicate exercises are used to consider the application of taught theory in practical situations.

Module 3 – Advanced Leadership
Delivered over four days the advanced course covers a combination of leadership theory and scenario-based practical exercises. The scenario-based exercises take place within a UK military training area providing a unique and immersive experience. Delegates are able to practice their influencing, communication, problem solving and decision-making skills while under pressure.

“Leadership is a combination of character, knowledge and action that inspires others to succeed.”

The British Army

All three leadership modules are built on the foundation of UK military leadership doctrine and are taught and facilitated by experienced former UK military and police commanders. Delegates are provided with a Leaders’ Toolkit and gain a good understanding of the following:

The nature of Leadership

  • Identifying what Leadership is and recognising the difference between management and leadership

Qualities inherent in Leadership

  • Values and standards within Leadership
  • Enduring characteristics of Leadership
  • The Art of Leadership
  • Toxic Leadership
  • The Ten Diseases of Leadership

What Leaders know

  • Know themself
  • Know their people
  • Know their profession
  • Decision make and communicate effectively

What Leaders do

  • Action centre their Leadership
  • Develop individuals
  • Build their teams
  • Achieve the specified task

How leaders do it

  • Apply essential Leadership behaviours

Team Building

Delivered over three days, our immersive team building programme involves the delegates in several problem-solving scenario-based exercises which take place within a UK military training area to provide our unique and highly valuable learning experience. Consequently, those under instruction gain a profound understanding of team dynamics, the importance of team cohesion and collective responsibility.

Managing and Leading Strategic Change

Delivered in person over two days this course covers the main elements of managing strategic change. Included are building the case for change, setting the objectives, strategy and formation of the implementation plan, value chain analysis, stakeholder engagement, understanding resistance, and internal and external communication.

Introduction to workplace Supervision

We have found that in many instances personnel are promoted into supervisory or management positions without any formal training or preparedness for the inevitable complexities of such a role. Over two days, our introduction to supervision will bridge this potential gap and provide delegates with a toolkit for management. The training includes understanding team dynamics and the need for cohesion, communication skills, problem solving, motivation and influence, and dealing with conflict and poor performance.

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