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  • Is Russia up to its old tricks again?

    Posted on March 5th, 2018

    A man seriously ill in hospital after an incident in Salisbury has been identified as Sergei Skripal, who is 66, and was granted refuge in the UK following a "spy swap" between the US and Russia in 2010. Is this another Alexander Litvinenko?

  • Security and Policing Exhibition Farnborough UK

    Posted on March 5th, 2018

    Futurum's Managing Director Ashley Croft will be at the Security and Policing Exhibition tomorrow, the 6th March 2018, at Stand A31 with the Covert Technical Suppliers Forum. Please contact Ashley via enquiries@futurumglobal.com to book a private appointment to discuss our wide ranging training portfolio covering the areas of intelligence analysis, covert tradecraft, elicitation and social media exploitation and much more.

  • Security and Policing Exhibition 2018 at Farnborough

    Posted on March 2nd, 2018

    Ashley Croft the Managing Director of Futurum Consultancy and Training will be at the Security and Policing Exhibition at Farnborough on 6th March 2018. Futurum is a member of the Covert Technical Suppliers Forum (CTFS) and will be at the CTFS stand. Ashley looks forward to meeting delegates.

  • Covert elicitation skills workshops and training programme

    Posted on February 23rd, 2018

    During 2018 Futurum will run a number of elicitation skills workshops and training programmes that open up this valuable technique, usually the sole domain of the intelligence and law enforcement world, to a wider audience. Elicitation is the art of using of conversation to subtly acquire information about a person, their life and background, future plans, work and projects they are engaged on, and about their work colleagues. Elicitation is an effective way to gain knowledge and has multiple uses that can include including helping build a competitive advantage, conducting due diligence and getting to know your client, getting investment reassurance or gaining a more informed understanding of any area of interest.

  • Intelligence and Social Media Analysis Training

    Posted on February 21st, 2018

    Futurum is pleased to announce we have now enhanced our intelligence analysis training portfolio to include advanced i2 Analyst Notebook, targeting analysis and social media exploitation. This is in addition to our already broad portfolio.

  • The perils of getting embroiled in an industrial espionage allegation in China

    Posted on February 19th, 2018

    This article in the UK Evening Standard details some of the horrific treatment handed out to British and foreign personnel embroiled in corporate espionage allegations in China. One of the workshops Futurum run covers the steps that can be taken to reduce opportunities of falling victim of corporate espionage, and travel safety for personnel traveling on business. The horrific treatment received by Jim Armitage is testament to the need to be vigilant. What a courageous man.

  • Satellite warfare

    Posted on February 19th, 2018

    Interesting article that assesses that likely future capability of Russia and China to attack satellites. Are we placing two much reliance on satellites? It is the same with the risk of attacks against underwater cables and the continual use of cyber attacks. Our critical infrastructure is becoming increasingly vulnerable and we should be worried.

  • New workshops on Social Media security for businesses and Personnel

    Posted on February 18th, 2018

    Social media provides a popular means of communication and networking, yet it comes with inherent risks. Users may be unaware of the digital footprint they create and the way in which the information they post into the public domain can be accessed and exploited by other agencies or people with hostile intent. Using our experienced team drawn from the UK government and security agencies, military, police and the National Crime Agency we have developed a half-day workshop aimed at raising the awareness of your personnel to these risks so that your organisation is better protected. Register your interest now at enquiries@futurumglobal.com

  • Elicitation and Interview Skills Training

    Posted on February 18th, 2018

    Futurum is pleased to announce we have updated and improved our elicitation and interviews skills training portfolio. We are planning on running number of workshops during the year so pleased register your interest at enquiries@futurumglobal.com