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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Crisis Management Training Programme

Cyber-crime, natural disasters, terrorism, fraud, and other events that have not been anticipated can have a major social and economic impact on your organisation.

Futurum can work with you to review and test your contingency planning and personnel training to achieve the optimum response.

In Asia, Futurum has partnered with Deloites to support crisis preparedness, while in Europe we have a unique programme for senior executives entitled Project Auxilium involving a series of workshops for personnel which includes crisis response and provision of emergency first aid where required.

Covering many areas of Crisis preparedness and management such as:

  • Marauding terrorist attack (MTA)
  • Exercise Golden hour
  • Emergency trauma care
  • How to avoid common mistakes

Find out more about our Crisis Management training programme...

Posted on 7th Oct 2020