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Futurum Consultancy & Training


New Lunch and Learn courses

Our new "Lunch and Learn" courses are now available for booking. These 90 minute workshops can cover OSINT, Investigative Interviewing techniques or Elicitation skills.


Online Due Diligence for HR Teams

“Lunch and Learn” 90 minute workshop introducing the tools available for undertaking open source research (OSINT). 

Social Media Exploitation Training

Establishing the Facts:
Investigative Interviewing and Interpreting Behavioural Indicators.

A 90 minute “Lunch and Learn” workshop introducing an investigative interviewing framework.  

Communication and Influencing Skills Training

Elicitation and Influencing Skills

“Lunch and Learn” 90 minute workshop providing an introduction to the art and application of elicitation and influencing skills.  

Elicitation Skills Training

Social Engineering
How vulnerable are you and you teams

A 60 minute “Lunch and Learn” workshop providing an insight into social engineering and the lengths hostile governments and organisations will go in manipulating personnel.

Social Engineering Training


Posted on 6th Mar 2020