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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

We provide advice and training in the areas of researching and analysing social media or open source data and intelligence, (SOCMED, SOCMINT and OSINT), online and open source investigations, covert online operations, social media security for personnel and businesses.


We know the use of social media is part of everyday life for the majority of people and as a consequence a vast amount of personal information is stored in ‘cyber space’ that can be accessed legitimately for research and evidential purposes.

Within the intelligence and law enforcement community the exploitation of social media or open source data is referred variously as OSINT, SOCMED, SOCMINT or SOCINT. In reality these acronyms all relate to the same thing, which is the use of techniques to collate, interrogate, analyse and make effective use of the vast amount of information available via social media platforms and the Internet.

To open up the investigation and analysis techniques used to a wider audience we have developed a one-day practical based workshop introducing the most up-to-date social media, open source and Internet analytical search tools and methodologies. The program is aimed at providing a good understanding of this cyber world and tools available to conduct detailed research and analysis of the various social media platforms and to provide the means to maximise the exploitation of the available information obtained through social media investigations.

The workshop is suitable for personnel working in the following areas:

  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Intelligence development and analysis
  • Online investigations and covert research, including private investigators
  • Financial and legal compliance departments
  • Client due diligence and KYC enquiries
  • Journalism
  • Academic research
  • Sales
  • Contract negotiations

High level learning objectives

  • To understand social media and social media platforms
  • To understand the digital footprint
  • To effectively use web browsing and social media monitoring tools
  • Legal and privacy issues

Social Media Workshop Summary

This one-day workshop will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to research, capture and exploit social media. The workshop will include facilitated discussion and practical exercises and will include a variety of topics such as:

  • Types of social media – Social media include a number of different platforms which go beyond the more well known ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Linked-In. The popularity of different social media platforms also country to country or region to region.
  • Dark web and surface web – Most people are aware of the surface web, which is where most personal online activity is undertaken. Below the surface web is vast about of data that stored on the deep and dark web, and this can be accessed relatively easily with the right tools.
  • The digital footprint – Is the digital trail left behind by the use of the Internet and social media which is available to exploit for investigative purposes.
  • Investigative/intelligence value of social networks, images and databases – Understanding the digital footprint and the investigative avenues that it provides.
  • Web browsing and tools for social media monitoring – Using the most current tools to extract data and intelligence from online activity.
  • Tracing subjects and commodities on current or historic sites – The analysis of current and historic online data and basic network and activity analysis to trace subjects and commodities.
  • Identifying IP addresses – The use of readily available tools to identify IP addresses and the exploitation of opportunities this presents.
  • Methodology to capture the intelligence and evidence – Using accepted online tools to capture intelligence or evidence with a full audit trail to UK evidential standards.
  • Legal and privacy issues – Understanding the legal and ethical issues associated with conducting online research.

Online Due Diligence for HR Teams

Our NEW “Lunch and Learn” workshop introducing the tools available for undertaking open source research (OSINT) is now available for booking.  

The 90-minute workshop covers: 

  • Use of open source research techniques in support of an HR strategy
  • Open source as an integral part of selection and recruitment
  • Protecting reputation and conducting open source investigations

The workshop will show the types of findings that can be uncovered and the advantages of having this capability within your teams. 

You will gain an understanding that open source research is much more than just Googling or looking someone up on social media, and you will be provided with an insight into the tools available to dig deeper.

The workshop can accommodate up to 15 attendees and can be delivered at your location by one of our highly experienced online operators.

The workshop is suitable for all personnel working within the HR and professional standards area.

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