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Social Media Security for Business and Employees

Social media provides a popular means of communication and networking, yet it comes with inherent risks and vulnerabilities. Users may be unaware of the digital footprint they create and the way in which the information they post into the public domain can be accessed and exploited by other agencies or people with hostile intent.

Personnel who are identifiable as employees or are connected to an organisation may post information about their work, colleagues, projects they are working on, or other sensitive information that can ultimately result in commercial, economic or reputational damage. The trend of online intimidation, bullying or abuse between staff in organisations is also on the increase.

We deliver awareness training on the threats to business and employees from social media use, social engineering and corporate espionage to help to protect your reputation and valuable assets.

Our training comes in two tiers:

  • a “lunch and learn” workshop that provides an introduction to the vulnerabilities presented by social media
  • a one-day workshop that builds on this and provides a more detailed analysis of those vulnerabilities.

Social Media Security – an introductory workshop

This short “lunch and learn” workshop provides an introduction to the vulnerabilities of social media and how openly available material, often posted innocently by employees, can be used for nefarious purposes. The workshop will last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Social Media Security – A one-day Interactive workshop

Using an experienced team drawn from the UK government and security agencies, military, police and the National Crime Agency we have developed a one-day workshop aimed at raising awareness of the organisational vulnerabilities presented by social media. It is suitable for all personnel and will deliver a good understanding of the cyber world, the digital footprint, and the methodology used to conduct research and analysis across various social media platforms

High Level Learning Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to provide an:

  • Understanding of social media and social media platforms
  • Understanding of the digital footprint and the trail left behind from online activity
  • Awareness of the way information can be accessed and exploited
  • Understanding of the threat from corporate espionage
  • Increased security awareness

Workshop summary

The one-day workshop provides delegates with a good understanding of the risks posed by social media and provides a practical framework for safer social media interaction. The workshop comprises facilitated discussion and practical exercises, which include:

  • Current types of social media – An introduction to the commonly used social media platforms with particular focus on links to the workplace.
  • The digital footprint – Is the digital trail left behind by the use of the Internet and social media is available to exploit for investigative purposes.
  • How social media is misused – Personnel either knowingly or unwittingly using social media to malign to co-workers, management or the organisation at large, leading to potential leak of sensitive data and reputational damage.
  • How social media is exploited – The use of social media to covertly illicit commercially sensitive information and to develop relationships with hostile intentions.
  • Social media profiling and corporate espionage – The digital trail left behind and the personal data made available online is often used by criminals or organisations with hostile intent to profile personnel looking for weaknesses they can exploit.
  • Vulnerabilities associated with social media use - Providing a view from “the other side” to demonstrate what others can see from insecure social media use.
  • Security measures designed to reduce risk and harm from social media – Through understanding the vulnerabilities of social media use, simple and easy to follow measures can be introduced to mitigate risks or threats.
  • Legal compliance – Ensuring social media policy and procedures are legally and ethically compliant.

Social Engineering  - How vulnerable are you and you teams

Our NEW "lunch and Learn" workshop providing an insight into social engineering and the lengths hostile governments and organisations will go in manipulating personnel, is now available for booking.

Social engineering is the use of deception and psychological manipulation to entice personnel into divulging sensitive information.

The 60-minute workshop covers:

  • The meaning and application of social engineering
  • The methods or tradecraft used in social engineering
  • Steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk

Social engineering comes in a number of different guises. The tools and methodology used vary and rely on manipulating human nature and behaviours to exploit possible weaknesses. The workshop can accommodate up to 15 attendees and can be delivered at your location by one of our highly experienced practitioners.

The workshop is suitable for all personnel working in potentially sensitive areas of your business or who have access to sensitive information. The workshop is complements our elicitation and social media training.

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