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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Intelligence and Crime Analyst Training

We provide specialist intelligence analyst, crime analyst and targeting analyst training, including IBM i2 Analyst Notebook. Our training also includes social media, open source, and Internet exploitation and analysis (SOCMED, OSINT, SOCMINT)

We understand that having an effective intelligence analysis capability can provide significant operational benefits and the provision of effective intelligence and analytical products can help to prioritise activity and drive performance. Analysts are an invaluable asset that are often under utilised. 

Our Analytical Development Director Rachel Carson oversees this portfolio and she is a highly regarded specialist and practitioner in intelligence and criminal analysis and is a regular presenter on behalf of the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA)

With many years experience operating within the targeting and operational intelligence analysis, criminal intelligence and covert area Futurum has developed a specific training portfolio that is aimed at intelligence professionals and analysts.

Our intelligence analysis training portfolio is aimed at Crime Analysts, Intelligence Analysts, Targeting Analysts, Strategic Analysts, Tactical Analysts, Operational Analysts, Social Media, Internet and Open Source Analysts (SOCMED, OSINT, SOCMINT), Intelligence Development Officers, Intelligence Researchers, Intelligence Managers, Case Officers, and personnel who are engaged in operational work our managing teams who are. 

The courses are suitable for personnel who work in government, counter intelligence, law enforcement or in intelligence teams with the finance, insurance and wider the private or commercial sector. 

Read more about our OSINT Training. Please contact us for a full training prospectus.


About Our Intelligence Analysis Training Courses

Our intelligence and security analyst training has been designed for professional people in the fields of crime, justice and security. Our aim is to further your education around the topic of intelligence analysis for you to be able to put what you have learned into action once back in the field. 

Our courses will include a all or a combination of:

Thinking skills

  • Creative, lateral and critical thinking, including Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats for brainstorming
  • Inference development (premise and inference, types of inferences (including hypotheses)
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)
  • Managing bias and prejudice, and the types of bias and cognitive traps
  • Key Assumptions Check (KAC)
  • The Uncertainty Yardstick – communicating probabilities

Advanced analytical techniques for targeting and disruption 

Using a scenario based practical exercise, students will be given multiple sources of information and guided through a path of analytical techniques

Network analysis using i2 Analyst’s Notebook

  • Entities, links and attributes
  • Creating a chart
  • Searching a chart
  • Printing
  • Importing
  • Link analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • Timelines/sequence of events
  • Layouts
  • Legends and charting standards

Analytical functions in i2

  • Find Matching Entities
  • Groupings
  • Merge entities and charts
  • Visual Search (Linked Entities)
  • Find Linked
  • Find Path
  • Social Network Analysis for identifying opportunities for targeting and disruption
  • Conditional formatting

Effective briefing 

  • Structure for oral briefings
  • Knowing your audience
  • Communicating with confidence and creating impact to deliver messages clearly and concisely
  • Careful use of PowerPoint.

Post Event Analysis 

  • Understanding operational objectives
  • Understanding successes
  • Understanding failures
  • Unforeseen effects
  • Remaining intelligence gaps
  • Further recommendations
  • Lessons learned

The portfolio includes the following courses:

Course No Course Name
A001 Introduction to Intelligence - Working with information
A002 Intelligence handling processes and practices
A003 Managing Analysts and Understanding Analysis
A004 Foundation in Intelligence Analysis
A005 Intelligence Analysis Tools
A006 Tactical Analysis for Covert Operations and Investigations
A007 Analysis for Major Incident Investigations
A008 Strategic Intelligence Analysis
A009 Financial Intelligence
A010 Prison Intelligence - Foundation Level
A011 Prison Intelligence - Intelligence Managers
A012 Prison Intelligence - Advanced Analysis of Intelligence
A013 Targeting and operational analysis