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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Covert Tradecraft and Surveillance Training

With a team of experts drawn from the UK government and security agencies, Special Forces, military, police and the National Crime Agency (NCA) we provide an extensive range training in covert tradecraft, agent recruitment and running, expeditionary surveillance, foot and mobile surveillance, technical surveillance, close target reconnaissance, covert rural surveillance (CROPS), covert method of entry and associated disciplines.

Running and managing covert operations is a highly specialised area requiring a range of skills, abilities, covert equipment, and other covert assets. 

Having an effective covert capability brings with it significant operational advantages and provides options for operational managers not otherwise available, enabling intelligence gathering operations and investigations to be delivered more effectively. Futurum supports clients in developing and maintaining an effective skill base and infrastructure to run these operations.

We cover all aspects of covert operations including conventional surveillance, foot and mobile surveillance, technical surveillance, covert method of entry, reconnaissance, close target reconnaissance (CTR), agent (also referred to as CHIS, informants, covert sources) recruitment running and management. We also have an extensive intelligence, social media and open source exploitation and analysis, and Internet investigation portfolio that is designed to help develop the analysis skills along side, and integral to the covert capability.

Please contact us for a full training prospectus.

Our current covert and operational skills training prospectus includes the following courses:

Course No Course Name
C001 Covert Operations – Foundation level
C002 Foot and Public Transport Surveillance
C003 Mobile Surveillance
C004 The Recruitment and Handling of Agents 
C005 The Recruitment and Handling of Agents - Advanced Level
C006 Advanced Agent Debriefing Skills
C007 Agent Controllers / Managers
C008 Elicitation – Core Tradecraft
C009 Field Intelligence Operatives
C010 Covert Internet and Social Media Intelligence - Entry Level
C011 Covert Internet and Social Media Intelligence - Advanced Level
C012 Infrastructure to Support Covert Operations - Foundation Level
C013 Infrastructure to Support Covert Operations - Strategic Level
C014 Infrastructure to Support Covert Operations - Administrative Level
C015 Infrastructure to Support Covert Operations - Operational Level
C016 Undercover Operatives
C017 Managing Covert Operations
C018 Covert Technical Deployment Tradecraft (Vehicles)
C019 Technical Surveillance
C020 Establishing and Managing Covert Monitoring Posts
C021 Covert Forensic Recovery
C022 Defensive Surveillance
C023 Expeditionary Surveillance
C024 Operational Security and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
C025 Observation Points and Log Keeping
C026 Covert Rural Observation Post Operatives
C027 Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)
C028 Covert Method of Entry (CME)
C029 Operational Commanders