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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Police and Law Enforcement Investigation Skills

Our portfolio of investigation skills training cover the new to role investigator through to officers engaged in homicide and serious crime investigations. We have a very broad range of training available. Our training team are all experienced senior UK detectives who have led major serious and organised crime teams within the UK police service including homicide and counter terrorism.

Running and leading criminal investigations requires specialist skills and knowledge. Ineffective investigations will often fail resulting in poor service to victims and risks of reputational damage for the organisation. Futurum has developed a number of specialist courses targeting key areas of the investigative process to help up-skill investigators and Senior Investigating Officers.

Please contact us for a full training prospectus.

Our current training prospectus includes the following courses:

Course No Course Name
F001 Crime scene preservation for non police personnel
F002 Crime scene examination - Foundation
F003 Statement taking
F004 Advanced interview skills (witness)
F005 Advanced interview skills (suspect)
F006 Financial Investigation
F007 Investigation Skills (newly appointed investigators)
F008 Senior Investigating Officer
F009 The initial response to major incidents
F010 Critical incident management 
F011 Family Liaison Officers 
F012 Family Liaison Coordinator 
F013 Disaster Victim Identification 
F014 Senior Identification Manager 
F015 Body recovery (major incidents /disasters) 
F016 Mentoring Investigators 
F017 Forensic exhibit packaging 
F018 Passive data in major crime investigations 
F019 Digital Forensic awareness for investigators
F020 Digital Forensics (intermediate and advanced)
F021 Forensics in Serious Crime Investigations