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Asset Protection Training

Drawing on the extensive experience within our team we have developed a number of training programmes to help our clients protect their commercially sensitive assets.

Industrial espionage includes theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, tender and contract negotiation material, theft of financial information, targeted corruption, and attempts to lure personnel into compromising situations for blackmail purposes. 

Our asset protection courses have been designed to cover the areas where corporate espionage techniques may be used to procure your valuable company secrets. Technology is increasingly becoming an avenue in which management and other company personnel are targeted. Our Social Media training courses have been designed to highlight the vulnerabilities employees can be faced with in the course of their careers. Our goal is for attendees to learn how to use social media, and other online services, without endangering the company by leaving it open to IP theft or reputational damage.

We also provide training on counter corporate espionage techniques which have been devised for individuals whose jobs may take them away from home, particularly to high-risk or hostile regions. Our courses have been built to raise awareness of the potential threats and techniques of industrial espionage and the best ways to combat these to avoid the loss of sensitive information.

Asset Protection Training Courses

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