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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Individual and Familial Online Vulnerability Assessments

Futurum is a leading provider of online vulnerability assessments in the UK and worldwide. We provide services to high net worth individuals, senior executives and those who are prominent in the public eye.

Our online vulnerability research will identify corporate or personal information on individuals, family members, representatives and/or associates which could be used by those with malicious intent to commit fraud, identity theft, stalking, bullying, harassment, burglary, exploitation, extortion or bribery.  

Our research will also look into any vulnerabilities for social engineering which in this context can be described as the targeting of individuals for the purpose of psychologically manipulating them into divulging personal or confidential information. 

At the end of our research we will provide a written report that will highlight any potential online vulnerabilities identified and if required we can also provide online vulnerability management advice to help reduce the digital footprint and to mitigate any risks identified.

Our reports will include:

  • Social Media Risk
  • Risk Indicator Analysis
  • Active Footprint Analysis
  • Passive Footprint Analysis
  • Corporate and Financial Information
  • Personal and Professional Network Analysis

For individuals our research will cover inappropriate or undesirable content, online postings that provide personal information which we consider present a risk to personal safety, material that provides the potential hook for social engineering, extreme views or opinions, sexually explicit content, potential addiction or substance abuse, illegal activities and any other material that may present a risk.

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