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NHS Serious Incident Investigations - Module 2

Understanding Evidence, Cognitive Interviewing Skills and Report Writing


Serious Incidents in health care are adverse events, where the consequences to patients, families and carers, staff or organisations are so significant or the potential for learning is so great, that a heightened level of response is justified.

This course aims are:

  • To understand what is meant by evidence and the importance of evidence integrity and provenance 
  • To provide a framework and the knowledge and skills needed to conduct witness interviews and the writing of witness statements
  • To provide a structured approach to the end of investigation report writing


The course will enable participants conduct an effective NHS serious incident investigation. 


  • NHS Serious Incidents (recap)
  • Serious Incident investigation process (recap)
  • What is evidence and the types of evidence
  • Evidence continuity
  • Communication and cognitive interviewing skills
  • Statement taking framework
  • Statement taking exercises
  • Report writing
  • Reflective practice – A reminder

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