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NHS Serious Incident Investigations - Module 1

Leading and Managing Serious Incident Investigations


Serious Incidents in health care are adverse events, where the consequences to patients, families and carers, staff or organisations are so significant or the potential for learning is so great, that a heightened level of response is justified.

This course aims to provide participants with:

  1. A clear understanding of what constitutes an NHS serious incident 
  2. The knowledge, skills and techniques to lead a serious incident investigation


The course will enable participants develop and implement an NHS serious incident investigation strategy. 


  • NHS serious incidents 
  • The NHS Serious incident investigation process 
  • Understanding the Human Factors in Serious Incidents 
  • Trauma Risk Management (TRiM)
  • The investigation set up and investigation strategy
  • Introduction to the Root Cause Analysis Toolkit
  • Investigation challenges
  • Reflective Practice

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