Futurum Consultancy & Training


Immersive Training App

Futurum’s Unique Interactive Training Aid: Futurum has developed a bespoke mobile-enabled application called ARTEMIS for use with their comprehensive suite of training scenarios. It is a unique, interactive application-based training tool designed to enhance the learning experience of our students. State-of-the-art technology is combined with live time practical exercises meaning students become fully immersed in their training in the most realistic operations any course can offer.

Key Features


  • Exercises designed by experienced practitioners and operatives
  • Customisable content for location, course objectives or agency
  • GPS technology for locational tracking and ‘hotspot’ activation
  • Pre-planned routes and subject-driven route activations
  • Photo and video intelligence capture
  • Photo recognition software
  • Broadcast messages of live time intelligence
  • Time limited tasks and live time actions
  • Team and individual task scores for performance evaluation and feedback
  • Two-way live time feeds to ARTEMIS Training HQ
  • Application operates on Apple or Android devices.




  • Enhanced student learning experience
  • Testing and development of key skills and competencies
  • Improvement of critical decision making skills
  • Provision of a record and memoire of students’ performance
  • Increase in teamwork and student interaction
  • Increase in pass rate and skills retention rate of students
  • Reduced overall training costs.


ARTEMIS is embedded across Futurum’s core training including:


  • Surveillance – foot, mobile, counter and technical
  • Technical deployment - vehicles or premises
  • Premises searches – covert and overt
  • Agent recruitment and handling
  • Intelligence and analysis
  • Leadership and operational management
  • Crime scene management and investigation suite.