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Covert Elicitation and Influencing Skills

Elicitation is the art of using of conversation to subtly acquire information about a person, their life and background, future plans, work and projects they are engaged on, and about their work colleagues.

Elicitation is an effective way to gain knowledge without raising suspicion and will appear to be normal conversation where the target will not realise he or she has provided useful information.

Elicitation has multiple uses including helping build a competitive advantage, conducting due diligence and getting to know your client, getting investment reassurance or gaining a more informed understanding of any area of interest.

We can provide elicitation experts to support with you on a specific task or project.

Alternatively, we can deliver training to your own personnel to provide them with the skills needed to conduct their own information collection ventures. 

Elicitation is an excellent tool that is suitable for both the private and public sector and would benefit personnel working in the following areas:

  • Sales teams
  • Contract negotiators
  • Wealth management
  • Banking and finance
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Senior executives
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Journalism
  • Customer service
  • Law enforcement
  • Security personnel

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