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Counter Intelligence and Corporate Espionage Threat Mitigation

Many organisations are targets for corporate or industrial espionage and often the weak link is their personnel who are unaware of the threats and what they can do in mitigation.

Foreign Intelligence Services and hostile competitors will target employees at home and when travelling abroad, and in some locations corporate espionage is state sponsored. Industrial espionage includes the theft of intellectual property and other trade secrets, tender and contract negotiation material, theft of financial information and targeted corruption. The targeting of foreign businesses and personnel often starts from the moment a visa application is submitted and it is not uncommon for hotel rooms to be covertly entered and searched for sensitive material, which includes exploiting mobile phones, laptops, USB's and other electronic devices. Eavesdropping and bugging of hotel rooms is a well-used method, as well as covert elicitation.

Our Services

Each one of our Subject Matter Experts is a skilled and respected practitioner within their own field, with many years’ experience working in the UK Police, Military and Special Forces, or Intelligence Agencies.  

We offer:

  • Pre-deployment planning and policy development 
    We help you prepare your employees for travel and can also assist in writing your policies.
  • Providing risk assessments 
    Let us help you prepare robust risk assessments to identify and counter risks to your personnel and assets (Computers, software, mobile phone, documents).
  • Counter intelligence measures 
    Simple and basic procedures to follow which will protect your people and assets, including counter elicitation, how to protect information and counter surveillance
  • Personal risk mitigation measures
    Training your personnel to be aware of their surroundings through behavioural observation, third party awareness, acting naturally and blending in with the baseline.
  • Driving skills
    Teaching defensive and preventive driving tactics, route planning, making fast time assessments, evasive driving and escape strategies.
  • Crisis management
    Teach you team procedures and put policies in place for extraction of personnel when the unavoidable happens. If there is a terrorist attack how to you get your people home safely?

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