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Futurum Consultancy & Training


Foundation OSINT training for online investigators

14th to 15th January 2020
Central London

This hands-on, 2-day training course uncovers the power of OSINT and reveals how online investigation goes beyond a simple Google search.


All good online investigators know the limitations of open source intelligence (OSINT). The sheer volume of information out there, the wealth of false stories and misinformation, the impact of bias, and the use of privacy settings to name a few.

Futurum’s 2-day course tackles those limitations head on by focusing on three core areas. Safety, efficiency and validity. It will therefore provide the framework for conducting effective online investigations, which can be applied immediately in your place of work.


Operating safely online is never convenient. This course will teach you the safe operating practices critical to running online investigations in order to protect your identities.


Maximising the value of your search results and the ability to follow digital trails efficiently are key learning outcomes of the course. Let’s face it, no one wants to read through 3 million Google search results. This course teaches the very latest online investigative tools and techniques which will enable focussed, relevant and actionable results. We only use tools and software which are free and publicly available. You will also learn some key OSINT workflow skills and methods for planning and conducting OSINT investigations and recording the results.


Recognising what is fake and what is real is critical in this era of online content which is increasingly malicious or AI-driven. This course will provide a toolkit for examining content to verify its authenticity.

Discover OSINT is suitable for:

  • Research analysts
  • HR teams engaged in employee screening
  • Journalists
  • Financial and risk analysts
  • Compliance teams undertaking due diligence and KYC enquiries
  • Online investigators (private sector or law enforcement)
  • Recruitment consultants


  • Conducting online investigations safely
  • Protecting online identities
  • Ethics of online investigations
  • Tools for planning research
  • Following digital trails and connecting the dots
  • Understanding IP addresses
  • Websites and domains
  • Search engines and add-ons
  • Maximising search results
  • I have a * so now what? (*email address, account name, name, phone number, address, etc)
  • Social media monitoring
  • Facebook and Twitter analysis tools
  • Image searching and analysis
  • Validating online content (identifying ‘fake news’)
  • Breached sites and Pastebins
  • Email header analysis
  • Tools for recording research results and capturing evidence
  • Important links to the OSINT community


  • Delegates must be able to use a computer and be familiar with one of more web browsers and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Delegates are required to create an email address and two social media accounts before the training. Details will be provided well in advance
  • Delegates can either bring their own Wi-Fi enabled laptop or they will be provided with one for training purposes


  • Introduction to the internet and social media
  • Digital trails - the intelligence opportunities presented by the digital world we live in
  • OSINT for action – a definition of OSINT and its role in investigations


  • Maximum 12 delegates per class


  • Lunch and regular refreshments will be provided. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements at time of booking


  • Cost per delegate is £750 + VAT for the full 2 days
  • 50% deposit or full payment required on booking
  • Cancellations accepted no later than 30-days prior to the commencement of the course

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Posted on 27th Sep 2019