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Futurum Consultancy & Training

Who we are

Government & Law Enforcement

Working with international clients in the police, other law enforcement teams and government agencies we have supported the development of operational capacity and capabilities.

Our services have been used to:

  • Review existing practices and implement strategic change
  • Undertake training needs analysis and develop training pathways
  • Train senior officers to lead with confidence
  • Provide managers and supervisors with knowledge and tools to create high performing teams
  • Build national and regional intelligence units
  • Raise the skills and knowledge of intelligence operatives working in the areas of intelligence analysis, open-source intelligence, human intelligence, bulk data analysis, covert operations
  • Train analysts to use i2 Analyst Notebook and Palantir
  • Improve investigation skills including new to role investigators, witness and suspecting interviewing, major and critical incident preparedness and response, homicide and serious crime investigations
  • Build covert surveillance teams and upskill surveillance operatives