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Specialist Security and Intelligence Advisors

Futurum supports its clients by providing specialised consultancy services and acting as a supporting partner by providing authoritative and confidential advice. This is made possible because the Futurum consultancy team consists of experts who have up to date knowledge and many years of operational experience at both a tactical and a strategic level behind them. Our consultants are drawn from the UK Government and Security Agencies, UK Police, Military and Special Forces, and the National Crime Agency. Our services include:


The skills, experience and techniques developed within the government sector are transferrable and can be employed very effectively in the commercial world.

We provide a variety of services to the commercial sector, a flavour of which are:

Social Media Security for Personnel and Businesses 

The way your employees conduct themselves on social media can make them and your organisation unintentionally vulnerable to security threats. Foreign Intelligence Services and competitors are looking to exploit any weaknesses to gain access to trade secrets and intellectual property and will target employees having used social media to profile them and identify the most suitable targets. We can help mitigate this risk and for further information follow the link: 

Online and Social Media Security 

Corporate Security and Counter Espionage Measures

Foreign Intelligence Services will target employees travelling abroad and in some locations they will covertly enter hotel rooms and search for sensitive material which includes exploiting mobile phones, laptops, USB's and other electronic devices. Eavesdropping and bugging of hotel rooms is also a well used method, as well as covert elicitation

We provide safety  and security advice to companies deploying personnel abroad, including counter-espionage measures, required more today than during the cold war. For further information follow the link: Corporate Security and Personnel Safety

Covert Elicitation training 

Elicitation is the art of using of conversation to subtly acquire information about a person, their life and background, future plans, work and projects they are engaged on, and about their work colleagues. We can provide elicitation experts to work with you on specific tasks or projects or training for your own personnel. For further information follow the link: Covert Elicitation

Counter Financial Crime and Sanctions

Our anti-financial crime capability includes providing compliance reviews anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and counter proliferation regulations and sanctions, and support the development or improvement of internal controls, audits and procedures. For further information follow the link: Financial Crime and Sanctions Compliance

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Using the significant operational experience of our consultants we undertake confidential reviews of operational capacity and capability and make recommendations for development if necessary. Our reviews can be focused on a specific operational need or team, or we can undertake a full organisational review if required.

As part of this process we can make recommendations regarding the clients technical surveillance and other equipment needs, including technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), and provide help in its procurement.

We can also carry out a fully or focused Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and make recommendations for how best to close any training and skills gaps. All our recommendations will be realistic and achievable, and we will help achieve the most cost effective training solution. We have some of the UK's leading Human Resources specialists with relevant sector experience available to support this service.

When required our service can include the development Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for operational teams.

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