Futurum Consultancy & Training


Expert advice

Futurum supports its clients by providing specialised consultancy services and acting as a supporting partner by providing authoritative and confidential advice. This is made possible because the Futurum consultancy team consists of experts who have up to date knowledge and many years of operational experience at both a tactical and a strategic level behind them.

We offer consultancy in the following areas:


  • We undertake confidential reviews of operational capability and capacity and make recommendations for development if necessary
  • We advise on technical surveillance counter measures (TSCMs) and procurement of equipment
  • We assist with the identification of clients‘ technical surveillance equipment needs and undertake procurement
  • We assist with the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for operational teams and undertake reviews of compliance with SOPs
  • We carry out a review of analytical capability and give recommendations for development if necessary
  • Provide advice and guidance on anti bribery, anti money laundering, terrorist financing and counter proliferation finance and controls
  • We conduct security audits and provide recommendations for improvement if necessary
  • We have extensive experience in the policing and security of mass transportation systems
  • We have subject matter experts with experience establishing and leading safer cities and major crime reduction initiatives
  • We have a wide range of experience developing contingency plans and training personnel in the management of major and critical incidents


  • We provide safety  and security advice to companies deploying personnel abroad, including counter espionage measures
  • We perform reviews of compliance within organisations of anti bribery, anti money laundering, terrorist financing and counter proliferation regulations and sanctions and support the development or improvement of internal controls, audits and procedures
  • We undertake reviews of internal investigations capability and make recommendations for development if necessary
  • We support the development of a covert operations capability


Personal Safety Abroad

The protection of employees, company assets, investment and reputation is an essential requirement when operating in potentially unstable or hostile environments. Risk can present itself in many ways such as terrorism, kidnap and ransom, natural disasters or exposure to general crime. Futurum can help your organisation prepare for and manage the possible risks that could affect your personnel abroad. We can give support in the following areas:

Risk Assessment

Before investing in a project and deploying to a country we believe it is essential to review research into its political, social and economic situation.  It may be currently politically stable, but if there should be a change of regime or political climate conditions a current assessment will identify existing or potential operating risks to you and your workers.

We consider a country individually together with an evaluation of its neighbours’ and allies’ influence.  We appraise the risks associated with operating in that environment so that they may be understood and mitigated against. We examine the prevailing political and sociological landscape, potential threats posed and identify any crime-related issues that may impact on the safety and security of your organisation’s activities. Using this information Futurum will synthesise detailed risk assessments tailored to your needs.


Pre-deployment Briefing and Planning

All personnel deployed abroad should understand any associated risks and be familiar with preventative measures to be taken to reduce their likelihood of becoming caught up in threatening or critical incidents. We examine those risks in detail then talk your personnel through how to mitigate them while going about their business and day-to-day life.  We deliver situational awareness training packages to help your personnel gain preparedness for the environments they may visit and the situations they may encounter.


Crisis Management

A simple, well-developed and well-understood plan is the starting point for good crisis management and response. Futurum will help in the development of these plans. Topic covered include:

  • Pre incident planning
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Fast track action menu
  • Business continuity planning
  • Family liaison strategy
  • Communication strategy


Security Arrangements

Futurum has well-established arrangements in place with local security experts with experience in operating in hostile areas. We help you develop and implement security plans ‘in country’ providing safety and reassurance to your personnel during their time there.   

We have experts on the ground in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, and strategic partnerships in many other locations. 


Futurum Expertise

Futurum has a number of consultants who can be used to assist. They are highly experienced operational practitioners who have worked within UK Security agencies, UK Special Forces and at a senior level within the UK police dealing with kidnap and ransom cases. Our consultants have also conducted business and in many cases lived in all of the world’s habitable regions so are able to deliver training and advice based on real experience.


Financial crime can have a significant economic impact on a company and in some instances can result in unwanted media attention and reputational damage. Anti financial crime legislation and regulatory regime also impose strict requirements on companies to introduce preventative measures. Futurum Consultancy and Training can provide specialist support in both of these areas.

Our specialist consultants have a deep understanding of criminal behaviour and experience of investigating large, complex and global money laundering, corruption and fraud cases. Our experience has been gained working over many years with law enforcement and with the commercial and banking sectors.


  • Create strategies that reduce the risk of financial crime and develop standard operating procedures that deliver pragmatic solutions to minimise financial crime
  • Enhance your ability to identify suspicious activity and weak controls
  • Audit and stress test your financial crime systems to identify and remove weaknesses

Futurum’s expertise covers the UK Fraud Act, Bribery Act and Proceeds of Crime Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


Futurum supports clients by reviewing their technical equipment needs and making recommendations for the most effective and cost effective equipment portfolio that meets operational requirements.

Our technical equipment expertise covers the following areas:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Secure Communications
  • Technical Surveillance (Covert audio and visual) for persons, premises and vehicles
  • Covert Tracking for vehicles and other assets
  • Covert Monitoring Posts (Static and Mobile)


Covert operatives are at risk of experiencing symptoms caused by their activities in the role and may benefit from operational psychological support to allow them to sustain their participation in deep cover operations (see References 1 and 2).

Our confidential specialist human asset service offers:

  • Support in the selection process of operatives for specialist roles through the provision on psychometric testing and interviews
  • The provision of periodic welfare checks for operatives engaged in covert operations
  • Post traumatic stress counselling in the event that the operative is compromised
  • Support for the rehabilitation and reintegration of affected operatives into the work and domestic environment through occupational therapy assessment and treatment


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