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Social Media Security and Threat Prevention

Many people who use the Internet have some form of online engagement via social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Together with the use of online shopping, banking or common interest sites these interactions are likely to have created some degree of digital footprint specific to the individual.

The way your employees conduct themselves in this sphere can make them and your organisation unintentionally vulnerable to security threats.  Exposure may occur through the posting or sharing of commercially sensitive information or a history left behind after using search engines, which can be taken advantage of by those with malicious intent.

The types of issues which may arise through the use of social media are:

- Social engineering attacks in which staff are tricked into releasing confidential information.

- Staff posting detrimental comments about other staff members or the company they work for.

- Inappropriate comments made by staff resulting in damaged reputation and loss of customers

- Grievances being aired over social media.

- Staff bullying through social media.

By tracking the social networking activities of employees and ex-employees, an intangible set of information about the company -- such as core values, hierarchy, communication patterns, industry environment and employee morale -- can be derived without having to physically enter the organisation.


Futurum Consultancy and Training provides services to help reduce and mitigate the threats presented by employees’ online activities. Our Subject Matter Experts are drawn from the UK Police, Intelligence Agencies, the National Crime Agency and Special Forces. They are highly experienced and skilled operational practitioners.

The services we provide include:

Social Media Policy Development

A lot of organisations don't have a ‘Use of Social Media’ policy for staff. If you are one of those organisations Futurum can help you design a policy that meets your specific needs and articulates the associated risks and your expectations.  

Awareness Workshops

Futurum can deliver short workshops at your premises. The workshops are informal and are intended to raise awareness amongst staff of how a digital footprint is created, and how it can be maliciously exploited. These are usually half a day long and can accommodate up to 20 personnel.

Company Profiling 

By tracking the social networking activities of employees and ex-employees Futurum can research and provide a confidential report on your company's social media profile being created by staff.

Pre-employment Social Media Profiling

Futurum can provide support to your recruitment process by undertaking research into prospective employees’ digital footprint and providing you with a profile of their online activity and associates.

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